The Art of Cold Calling- Make each call count


​Cold calling course on getting results.

Whether you are new to sales or making 100 calls a day. This course is designed to get you down from making 100 calls per day to a reasonable number of *successful calls. (B2B)



Our course focuses on 4 areas: screening, prospecting, appointment setting and selling (includes negotiating). We briefly look at incoming calls (warm) and cover it with a consultative approach to get the sale. The main focus is the cold call.

The takeaway - Sales

This is a snapshot of some areas covered but is not an extensive list - once completed you will know how to:

✓  Prep yourself before any call

✓  Prioritise your calls / target list

✓  Know whom you are going to call

✓  Understand the reason for the call

✓  Minimise the number of calls needed to be successful

✓  Sell over the phone or in person

Other areas covered include:

✓  Setting an agenda

✓  Getting past the gatekeeper

✓  Appointment setting

✓  Negotiating


What's included?

This course is delivered over 5 days online - nothing is pre-recorded and everything is delivered live.


The price for this course is US$1600* (see payment options below).


This includes:


  • Digital access to the Reade Consultancy Advanced Platform and Resources FOR LIFE
  • Individual and group workshop calls (5 days)
  • One on one strategic mentorship calls
  • Access to the Reade Consultancy Private Facebook Group
  • Private email with 24-48 hour response time


Payment options 

Option 1:

1 payment of US$1,600 paid prior to the course commencing

4 x 1 on 1 strategic mentorship calls


Option 2:

6 x payments of US$355

3 x 1 on 1 strategic mentorship calls



Syllabus provided after check-out.