Cold Call like a Pro & Make Each Call Count


Learn to master the phone, yourself and get people buying into YOU the person

Module 1 - Take the chill pill

Know why you are calling and break the damn ice. - Why are you calling? and why you should be calling. Let’s reinforce your belief in both yourself and offering.


Module 2 - They aren’t going to break me – No retreat No Surrender

Receptionists, switchboard operators, PAs, tea ladies, your mother-in-law and other gate keepers are your friends. Referrals help, too.


Module 3 - Be in control of the call – AT ALL TIMES

Be a gentleman/woman it’s nothing personal


Module 4 - Speak like GOD

Know what to say and what NOT TO SAY – let’s start positioning your offer


Module 5 - Why the hell should I speak to you? Who me? Yes, YOU!

Let me tell you a story, then you'll want me in your calendar


Module 6 - Nice to meet you

So, tell me about yourself and how can I help you? We’ll get you cross the finish line!