To cold call OR not?

Updated: Mar 2

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Depending on one’s level of experience and industry, the answer is not the same.

Of the hundreds of individuals and businesses with whom I have spoken, the worst offenders “to-date” in an industry where cold calling should take place is internet advertising. This is for numerous reasons, including the inability to pitch and ask questions.

I am making a general statement that ALL salespersons are entrepreneurs, whether it is known to them or not! With existing technology such as the internet, social media and various messaging apps, is there still a need to pick up the phone?

My answer, identical to the answer of numerous other business owners, including sales executives, business development managers and commercial directors, is that: "should your offering be in the thousands and be a solution", then “yes”, pick up the phone.

Should you be selling T-shirts, cups and mugs then? Maybe not.

If, however you are wholesaling such products then my answer is ‘YES’.

There are numerous other reasons to cold call.

When a business does not see the value AND believe it is a waste of time; this is usually down to a few factors. These include:

  1. Not understanding the process – from call to pitch to appointment setting, etc.

  2. Tried it personally and have been rejected numerous times or unable to get through to the decision maker therefore do not see the value.

  3. Bad experiences outsourcing business development; prospects not fully qualified.

  4. Competition isn’t doing it, why should we?

The take away - If you want to:-

  • grow your business and expand into other areas ‘pick up the phone!

  • offer more solutions to your industry ‘pick up the phone!

  • outgrow your competition and take a bigger share of the market ‘pick up the phone!

There is nothing stopping you from wanting more and growing your business and portfolio, it is whether you want to develop and grow those relationships from having picked up the phone that matters.

Large clients who become accounts and offer repeat business are not necessarily going to approach you because of the internet.

What separates you from your competition? Especially if they are not cold calling? NOTHING! I am not talking of price or proposition, it is he that reaches the client first.

Beat them to the chase and get those clients – start by picking up the phone.