Is sales about attitude?

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

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Yes! is the simple answer.

For example:

  • Each time we look in the mirror – it’s about attitude

  • Each time we sit down – it’s about attitude

  • Each time we pick up the phone and sell – it’s about attitude

Cognitive psychology investigates internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory and language. This is the development of thoughts and actions for the environment around you.

The attitude that we project into the world gives us the results we deserve. If we think negative, the result will be negative, if we think positive, the result will be positive. Don’t agree with me?

  • You pick up the phone knowing that you are going to be rejected – you get rejected

  • You go on a date knowing that it is going to suck – it sucks

  • You go for a job interview knowing that you are not going to get the job – you don’t get the job

  • …need I say more?

So, what is this powerful word that dictates our results?

Depending on context there are a few definitions but in the realm of success in sales it lies in outlook, feeling and frame of mind. Do you have what it takes?

Within this powerful word; tenacity and optimism go hand-in-hand. If you lack one of these then you will fail in sales, life, relationships, finance and so on. There will always be a grey cloud hovering above your head.

The tenaciousness that makes a “good” sales person / entrepreneur is the ability to fall down, get back up and brush the dust off, then get straight back to what he/she was doing. Moving forward he/she learns and plans to be one step ahead; to be prepared for where an opportunity may lead and to learn how to turn a rejection around to put ‘him/her back in control. Again, it’s about attitude. This time it is of resilience.

Sales is a competition, not just with your competitors but also with yourself, and if you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Attitude is everything.

What would happen should you make a #coldCall and are afraid? That answer is the same as that of a lion eating a wildebeest. You WILL get ripped apart.

This frame of mind also contributes towards the outcome of competing in a full-contact sport – your opponent sees it, smells it and feels it, and if you are not ready…well you know what the outcome will be.

If your attitude for success isn’t there, you w