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Helping you sell and recruit successfully

Sales and Recruitment Coach

  • Unlike most sales courses, we focus on results and practicality with a personal touch

  • We aim to get your sales numbers up and selling within a short period of time

  • Our approach and coaching in sales are successful across a variety of industries and across various continents

  • Sales is a transferable skill yet it isn’t something that is generally mastered nor refined

We don’t teach impractical nice to have skills that don’t work; everything is tried and test. IT WORKS!

What we offer



recruitment sales

If you are an account manager but want to step up into a full 360 role. Then this is designed to get you in front of perspective clients, convert them and deliver after possible negotiations.


recruitment training

reade Consultancy delivery

With the use of modern video technology we are able to deliver training courses and support across Europe and Asia.

If you want to get those sales numbers up & want to know what makes us different


would like some impartial recruitment advice drop us a line for an impartial free call

(there's no "arm barring" here)

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